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The Training of Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the most versatile martial arts in the world.

Its versatility can be demonstrated through the following elements of the training:

  1. Warm-up Excercices
  2. Training the Basics
  3. Self-defense Techniques
  4. Forms
  5. Sparring
  6. Weapons Training

An essential part of the entire training is the study of how to utilize the strength of the opponent, as well as how to optimally apply and transfer ones own strength. An attacker can thus be warded off in a variety of ways, and depending on the intensity of the attack be avoided, gently stopped, or countered full out.

1. The Warm-ups:

Effective in the cultivation of athleticism as well as in the study of martial arts and self-defense, the warm-up exercises are unique in that they can be traced to the original Shaolin Tempel in Sonshan.

2. Training the Basics:

Here, the understanding and training of the basic techniques of hitting, kicking, falling, jumping, and the use of leverage is conveyed. In this context, requisite body toughness is developed, for example, through the use of hitting techniques on a punching bag.

3. Self-defense Techniques:

Basic techniques are combined with attacks. Self-defense techniques are practiced, combined in useful ways, and expanded through the use of other techniques and moves.

4. The Forms:

Forms, or predetermined series of movements, represent a fight against one or more armed or unarmed opponents. The speed of execution varies from fast, to normal and slow; the quality varies from gentle to greatly exerted movement. The exactness and precision of the Shaolin forms are developed. Many of these ancient forms are over 1,500 years old.

Students continue to practice a form until they are able to draw the maximum use from the form and its execution. All techniques must be performed with utmost attention and mental awareness. The goal is that the students are able to learn and practice these techniques without a training partner. The forms serve to cultivate the understanding and training of movement, speed, technique and strength as one entity.

5. Sparring:

Here, the applicability of the acquired skills is tested individually in terms of speed and consecutive execution. Sparring is important, in that it forces a reaction to an attack, which has not been pre-arranged. Sparring cultivates speed, capability of reaction, endurance, as well as the ability to deal with unexpected situations. Although important, the fight situation is not the main element within the circle of martial arts. Not to empower oneself, or not possessing the will to fight, means on the one hand, removing one part of the circle and thereby destroying it. By making the will to fight a total philosophy, on the other hand, means eclipsing the rest of the circle, and thereby also destroying it.

6. Weapons Training:

The handling of weapons is part of authentic Shaolin Kung Fu. The precise training in the use of these weapons cultivates discipline, self-confidence, as well as a healthy mental attitude. In spite of the constant development of modern weaponry in the last century, tradition and the expansion of martial arts remains the emphasis of weapons training. Although some of the weapons can be used for self defense today, most of the weapons are trained with the purpose of developing flowing movements, physical condition of the student, and other fundamental attributes like correct timing, body coordination, flexibility, and the ability to judge distances. Weapons used in training sessions include the staff, sword, saber, fan, and chain whip. Prohibited or dangerous weapons are simulated by harmless training weapons.

The Element of Artistry:

Shaolin Kung Fu, unlike almost any other martial art discipline, reveals the spirit of the martial arts. This can be explained partially through the use of the ancient traditional Chinese weapons.

Shaolin Kung Fu combines physical as well as educational aspects. Self-confidence grows, as well as a mental outlook in which respect for life, courage and mutual understanding is valued.

Shaolin Kung Fu is therefore a system, which through its diversity, has much to offer on both a physical and spritual level.

A teacher with years of experience and study is of utmost importance. Kung Fu, Made in China can assure you of the skill, experience, and authenticity of its instructor, Grandmaster Shi Yan Lin. You are in optimal hands in all matters concerning kung fu, tai chi and qigong.