Kung Fu Made In China
Shi Yan Lin
Hauptstrasse 60
10827 Berlin
Tel.: 030 / 32 52 36 63
01763 / 5521485
Mo-Fr 12-20 Uhr
E-Mail: fulin1@gmx.de
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Grandmaster Shi Yan Lin

With Master Shi Yan Lin, a teacher with many years of experience and training, you are in optimal hands in all matters pertaining to kung fu, tai chi, and qigong.

At the age of nine, Master Shi Yan Lin was accepted as a novice at the Shaolin Temple Henan in China, where he spent his youth studying meditation and martial arts. In 1990, he was initiated as a monk. Since 2001, Master Shi Yan Lin has been teaching Shaolin kung fu, tai chi, and qigong in Berlin. In September of 2005, he founded his own school Kung Fu Made in China, and now he wishes to pass on his knowledge and skill to his students.